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Adoption Application

NOTE: Before beginning this application process, please be aware that we breed first and foremost for ourselves focusing on overall quality. Therefore, the more specific your request is for gender, age, color, coat type, etc., the longer you may have to wait for a puppy. Additionally, we usually do not let our puppies go before they are 12 weeks old.

All of our pet puppies are placed under a non breeding spay and neuter contract. 

We will not respond to any inquiries without an application. Thank you for your interest in our chihuahuas.  


Please copy and paste into an email for a response. Thank you!


Full Name:____________________________________________
City  ___________________State_____ Zip Code_________ Home Phone:_____________________ Mobile _______________
AKC Registered Kennel Name & Website (if interested in AKC show conformation/breeding):
1. Are you interested in a: ____ Puppy (12 weeks plus) _____Older Puppy (4 months plus) _____ Adult 2. Do you prefer: ____male _____female _____ no preference
3. Do you have a specific puppy you are interested in? If so which one  __________________________________________
4. What are your plans for the Chihuahua? Please list all that apply. (Pet Companion Only, Brood Bitch or Stud, Show, Therapy, Obedience, Agility)  _______________________
5. Are you familiar with the Chihuahua breed? _______
6. Is the puppy for you or for someone else? __________
7. Please list names and ages of all the members of your household, including children.
8. What type of dwelling do you live in? Do you own or rent? If you rent, do you have permission to have a Chihuahua? 
9. Do you have a fenced yard? _______
10. Do you have any other pets? If so, please list ages and breeds.
11. Have your current pets been spayed/neutered? ______
12. Are you aware that, on average, Chihuahuas have a long lifespan? Are you prepared to make this long term commitment? ____
13. Do you understand all of our pets (puppy/adult) unless for show/breeding are sold on limited AKC registration under spay/neuter contracts? _________________________
14. Are you familiar with the possible health issues related to Chihuahuas? _____________________
15. How long are you willing to wait for a Chihuahua to become available? __________________
Please supply your Veterinarian’s contact information:  

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